A story of carelessness...

The world of today's marketing is totally unbalanced. Everyone screams about promotion. PROMOTE MY COMPANY! PROMOTE MY WEBSITE! GIVE ME MORE VISITORS! GIVE ME MORE VIEWS! SELL MY PRODUCTS!!!

...all seems rosy. At least until you meet your dissatisfied customers, competitors or simply: your enemies.

Do you know this old saying that one dissatisfied customer will tell his story to 9 or 10 other people? Got a bad news for you. In the world of internet and all those so-called social media, this single dissatisfied person may bankrupt you or cause substancial losses (remember that profits you could have are the losses too). And he may do it cheaply and swiftly. Is it that bad? YES, IT IS THAT BAD!

However, if one had been a victim of someone's (usually company's) bad behavior, it looks better from his point of view. Well... you can ruin them instantly. If they are your competition, you can lie about them... anonymously... No! This website does not offer or encourage to break any laws (including the moral ones). However, if the company you've been cooperating with ripped you off or mistreated you in any other way, you got the right to tell the world about it! This same goes with your dishonest contractor or rogue competitor. And this is much more than just writing on your Facebook profile or any review forum. If your backlash is organized well, perhaps the support personnel that ignored you, will still not care... but their bosses (including the CEOs) will sooner or later know about it.

So-called reputation managament is more than some buzz-phrase... provided it is considered seriously, not as an add-on to marketing. Of course, bad reputation will kill your business in the long run... at least provided that you are in need of continous search for new customers and keeping the old ones by your side. The problems is that most of companies and individuals concentrate on investing into their advertisements and promotion but do not care to check how great losses can come from each thousand dollars invested into... destroying their reputation. Neither they care about checking on their weak points.

And what if people are against you without any reason, due to some strange conspiracy or just out of pure malice? Well... usually you have done something wrong. The problem is that all those controversial individuals, businesses and non profit organizations simply do not care about checking on it or making their consciences clear. You can have many enemies, you don't have to be loved. But do take precautions... in case you don't like to have a big headache due to all this bad karma coming back to you.

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